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Boost Skin's Hydration with Hyaluronic Acid's Triple Action

Dive into the ultimate hydration experience as our innovative formula combines three unique variants of hyaluronic acid - low, medium, and high molecular weights.  Witness a symphony of moisture that not only revitalizes and nourishes but also penetrates at varying depths, ensuring your skin stays hydrated, plump, and irresistibly radiant like never before.

How U Skin Booster Works

Backed by TurtlePin technology, it integrates an innovative pain-free 32G hypodermic multi-needle device, TurtlePin (0.5 mm, 19 needles), that replenishes and retains moisture for intense hydration and improved radiance. 

The absorption rate of the solution is also enhanced 30 times compared to a typical application, maximising the efficacy of the treatment with no downtime.


Benefits of U Skin Booster


Brightens Skin

Plump SKin.jpg

Plump Skin

Luminess ICon_edited.jpg

Reduces Pigmentation


Pores Visibly becomes Smaller


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Enhances Skin Elasticity

What Areas Can U Skin Booster Treats?

  • Dry Skin

  • Dull Skin

  • Flaky Skin

  • Visible Pores

  • Pigmentation

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles

US 2.jpg

U Skin Booster Experience

Prior to commencing the treatment, a comprehensive skin analysis will be conducted. Throughout the session, our advanced pain-free Turtlepin device will be employed to enhance moisture retention, facilitating profound hydration and elevating skin radiance. To enhance these effects, we follow by applying premium skincare products that help seal in the skin cell hydration, resulting in a radiant and rejuvenated complexion.

U Skin Booster Results


U Skin Booster FAQ

Any Side Effect for U Skin Booster?

Sterile device and cocktail containing active ingredients are used to ensure hygiene which are safe for almost all skin types. We will do a skin analysis before proceed with the treatment. There will not be any side effects for suitable skin types.

How Would I Feel During U Skin Booster?

Some might feel slight discomfort in areas where there are fewer fat pads, such as the forehead and eye area.

How often should I have this treatment for maintenance? 

To achieve more enduring outcomes, we recommend a weekly treatment over a span of 5 weeks. This approach facilitates the infusion, stimulation, and retention of ingredients within the skin, leading to results that can last from 6 months to 1 year.

When will I start seeing results after undergoing U Skin Booster?

As this treatment focuses on the upper dermis layer, results typically become visible after 24 hours as the skin need some time for rejuvenation.

Are There Downtime to U Skin Booster?

No, there is no recovery time required after the U Skin Booster. However, it's recommended to avoid sunbathing, swimming, and hot yoga within 48hours. Prioritize hydration and apply effective sunblock during this time.

What Our Clients Say

Facial Treatment

Chui Teng

Truly amazed by the results! This treatment delivered exactly what it promised. I noticed a significant improvement in the dry patches that had been bothering me for so long. Will definitely recommend it to my friends and family!
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