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emshape body sculpture

Body Sculpture

Emshape Body Sculpture: Non-Invasive Body Contouring

 One session (30 minutes) is equivalent to

performing 20,000 sit ups / squats!

Emshape Body Sculpture is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses advanced electromagnetic technology to tone and sculpt the body. This cutting-edge procedure is ideal for individuals who desire a firmer, toned, and more defined physique, but do not wish to undergo invasive surgical procedures.

How Emshape Body Sculpture Works

Emshape Body Sculpture uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions and promote muscle growth. The technology works by delivering high-intensity electromagnetic waves to the targeted muscles, which causes the muscles to contract rapidly and repeatedly. This process simulates an intense workout, resulting in the strengthening and toning of muscles.


Benefits of Emshape Body Sculpture


average 15 to 20% muscle growth and fat reduction

pain-free with no downtime

  • no disruption to your daily schedule

  • quick and noticeable results. Visible abdominal and gluteal toning, strengthening, and firming in four weeks

  • efficiency – each treatment takes just 30 minutes.

  • no disruption to your daily schedule

Clinical Study Efficacy Observation Emshape Body Sculpture

emshape body sculpture
  • 19% average fat reduction

  • 4cm average loss in waistline circumference

  • 80% of patients had a visible lifting of buttocks

What Areas Can Emshape Body Sculpture Treats?


Burn belly fats and build abs muscles

Up to 4cm loss in waist circumference and 11% reduction in diastasis recti


Achieve visible lifting effect of buttocks


Tone, lift and sculpt your calves so you don’t have to worry about leg day


Contour the arms with stronger, more defined biceps and triceps

Ideal for treating Diastasis Recti

Apart from toning and building muscle, the EmShape® is also ideal to treat Diastasis Recti or otherwise known as the post-partum "pooch". Prior to EmShape®, women have turned to more invasive treatments such as an abdominoplasty or a "tummy tuck" to regain their pre-pregnancy body. Other alternatives would include deep abdominal and pelvic floor exercises such as kegels / pelvic tilts but this might be too tedious for new moms who are busy juggling life with a new born and may not have the time to commit to regain their pre-pregnancy body. Thankfully with EmShape®, there is now a new option that is non-invasive and not time consuming! 30 minutes per session is all you need!

emshape body sculpture

Emshape Body Sculpture Experience

Before your treatment, we discuss your goals and expectations. we will also examine the areas you want to target and determine whether Emshape Body Sculpture is the right treatment for you.

Emshape Body Sculpture BEFORE & AFTER

emshape body sculpture

Emshape Body Sculpture FAQ

Am I Good Candidate For Emshape Body Sculpture?

EmShape is ideal for individuals with a low BMI who are physically fit. Keep in mind that EmShape is meant to supplement your active lifestyle and balanced diet, not replace them.

While EmShape is typically geared toward those who are near their goal weight, this technology has the potential to provide beneficial muscle tightening and fat reduction for anyone. A consultation with our body contouring experts is the best way to find out how you may benefit from EmShape.

How would I Feel During Emshape Body Sculpture?

The best way to describe an EmShape® treatment is to say it's like a very intense workout while laying down, and most people find it very enjoyable to watch TV or listen to music to pass the treatment time.

Are There Any Side Effect/s to Emshape Body Sculpture?

You begin to see your abs becoming more visibly toned right after the very first treatment, there’s no other workout that can produce results as fast as Emshape Sculpt. 

As you continue to go for more sessions (3-4 sessions are recommended), the results will also continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments.

How Many of Emshape Body Sculpture Treatment Are Needed?

For optimal results, generally we recommend 4 – 6 treatments, two times per week, depending on your current body composition status.

Are There Downtime  to Emshape Body Sculpture Treatment?

With EmShape®, there is zero downtime! Treatments are only 30 minutes long so have a treatment during your lunch break, and even go to the gym after your treatment if you like.

What Our Clients Say

Women in Bodysuit


I have noticed a significant improvement in muscle definition and overall body shape. If you're looking to sculpt your body without surgery or downtime, I highly recommend EMShape Body Sculpture.
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