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Face Mask Application


Achieved Luminous Lifted Complexion

Unveil radiant skin with our needle-free CO2 Facial that supplies a high quantity of oxygen to boost the skin's metabolism, brighten the skin, and enhance the skin's elasticity,

giving you a beautifully radiant and lifted look.

How CO2 Facial Works

By providing carbon dioxide to the skin, hemoglobin in red blood cells release oxygen.


When a high quantity of oxygen is supplied to the skin, it brightens and enhances the elasticity of dull skin by improving the blood circulation.

Facial Treatment

Benefits of CO2 Facial


Brightens Skin

Plump SKin.jpg

Plumped Skin

Luminess ICon_edited.jpg

Contoured Facial Features


Pores Visibly becomes Smaller


Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


Enhances Skin Elasticity

What Areas Can CO2 Facial Treats?

  • Dull Skin

  • Saggy Skin

  • Visible Pores

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkle

UA CO2.jpg

CO2 Facial Experience

Our experienced estheticians will softly cleanse your skin and shield your eyes and mouth with cotton pads. Next, they'll apply the CO2 gel to your entire face and neck. The CO2 will be released evenly by placing a sheet over the gel, and a gentle massage will be performed.  After the treatment, your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated, and rejuvenated. Generally safe with minimal to no downtime for most skin conditions.

CO2 Facial Results


CO2 Facial FAQ

Am I Good Candidate For CO2 Facial?

This treatment is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, acne-prone skin, and pregnant women.

How Would I Feel During CO2 Facial?

Responses may vary based on individual skin conditions, some may experiencing mild tingling or a warming or prickling sensation. As sessions progress and the skin becomes healthier, these sensations tend to diminish.

How often should I have this treatment for maintenance? 

For those with acne or congested skin, we suggest a weekly treatment for three consecutive weeks to address underlying skin issues. A weekly or biweekly regimen is recommended for individuals seeking enhanced skin tone, elasticity, brightness, and oil secretion balance.

When will I start seeing results after undergoing CO2 Facial?

Through the acceleration of skin metabolism via the Bohr effect, immediate improvements are noticeable right after the treatment.

Are There Downtime to CO2 Facial?

Generally safe with minimal to no downtime for most skin conditions. Some may notice a temporary pinkish tone due to enhanced blood circulation— akin to post-workout redness—which usually subsides within an hour.


For the subsequent 48 hours, it's recommended to avoid sunbathing, swimming, and hot yoga. Prioritize hydration and apply effective sunblock during this time.

What Our Clients Say

Facial Treatment


The process was incredibly soothing and left my skin feeling rejuvenated and radiant. After the treatment, my skin felt smoother and had a healthy glow. Love it so much!
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